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(88) Kate Huffman: Eating Disorder to Stardom

May 7, 2019

A surprising majority of young girls will site "getting fat" as their biggest fear -- even above losing a parent or getting cancer. 

Is this statistic surprising? It's not to the millions of young girls who make themselves sick trying to conform to unrealistic and even unhealthy body ideals engrained in them from a very young age. 

Our guest, actor Kate Huffman, is all too familiar with the dangers of body dysmorphia and a false self image, especially when it is coupled with a bout of undiagnosed OCD. Kate shares openly about her journey from a very real and very literal brink of death into giving birth to a one-woman show that has been instrumental in her healing. 

Join us for this compelling and thought provoking dialogue. 

Find Kate online at katehuffman.com 

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