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(92) Layla Khamoushian: How To Lawyer Mindfully

(92) Layla Khamoushian: How To Lawyer Mindfully

August 19, 2019

Mindful lawyering might sound like an oxymoron, it might even be funny as a concept, but in many ways, learning to lawyer mindfully could save the lives of those who practice it. It could also unlock unseen opportunities, create more balance, help solve problems more creatively and attract better clients -- all while creating a better quality of life. 

In this episode, we talk to Los Angeles based immigration attorney and yogi, Layla Khamoushian, who shares with us about how her burnout experience lead her to find a better way to live. 

(91) Arjuna O’Neal - How Getting Shot Saved My Life!

(91) Arjuna O’Neal - How Getting Shot Saved My Life!

July 8, 2019

What’s the worst thing in your life right now? 
What’s the thing that’s keeping you up at night?
What's giving you anxiety all day? Making you feel frustrated, angry, helpless or stuck? 

Now answer this: 
Is what you’re dealing with worse than getting shot? 
Is it worse than lying in agony with a bullet in your groin, feeling life slip out of you along with endless pints of your blood? 

You see, this is exactly what happened to our guest Arjuna O’Neal when he was only 19 years old. In this gripping episode of the Unleash Your Peace podcast, Arjuna shares how getting shot and literally dying actually saved his life. 

So many of us wait to hit rock bottom before starting to crawl out of our self-created prisons. We entertain and even cater to those highly unproductive feelings of doubt, unworthiness, unlovableness, and self hatred until we can no longer afford to do so. 

Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to wait until your unhappiness becomes unbearable before choosing a better life. You don't have to get shot before you find your true purpose. 

(90) Natalia Ruiz: Healing Your Inner Child.

(90) Natalia Ruiz: Healing Your Inner Child.

June 17, 2019

Last night, I watched a hearth-wrenching and skillfully-performed one-woman show by a friend who shared the gruesome details of the traumatic experiences that shaped her early years. Personally, I can count on the fingers of my right hand how many people I've met in my entire life who didn't have one or a series of traumatic experiences that continue to haunt them well into their adulthood. 

Some of these events might be trivial, like being ignored on the playground or getting lost in grocery store for a few minutes. Other events such as being raped by a parent witnessing a shooting are considered horrible by all standards. 

And then there are the thousands of moments that sprinkle across our timeline on earth which are only punctuated by the way they make us feel. 


These are the emotional signatures of the wounds we internalize and carry with us often to our death. 

This week, on the Unleash Your Peace podcast, we speak with Natalia Ruiz who, after spending many years healing her own inner child, has created a safe haven for girls between the ages of 8 and 12 called "Girls Lead." Her organization empowers young girls to become leaders among their peers. They learn to address and work through their own life events BEFORE they become wounds for life.

Learn more about
Girls Lead - http://girlsleadsummit.com

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(89) Daisy + Diane: How to talk to your suicidal teen.

(89) Daisy + Diane: How to talk to your suicidal teen.

May 25, 2019

Daisy Prince Johnston is no ordinary 16 year old. She is already a mental health coach and a volunteer at the teen suicide hotline. In this episode of the Unleash Your Peace podcast, she shares with us how she started teaching parents how to better communicate with their suicidal teens and why she is called the "Teenage Whisperer."

Connect with Daisy on Instagram: @daisyprincejohnston

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(88) Kate Huffman: Eating Disorder to Stardom

(88) Kate Huffman: Eating Disorder to Stardom

May 7, 2019

A surprising majority of young girls will site "getting fat" as their biggest fear -- even above losing a parent or getting cancer. 

Is this statistic surprising? It's not to the millions of young girls who make themselves sick trying to conform to unrealistic and even unhealthy body ideals engrained in them from a very young age. 

Our guest, actor Kate Huffman, is all too familiar with the dangers of body dysmorphia and a false self image, especially when it is coupled with a bout of undiagnosed OCD. Kate shares openly about her journey from a very real and very literal brink of death into giving birth to a one-woman show that has been instrumental in her healing. 

Join us for this compelling and thought provoking dialogue. 

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(87) Maddox and Ideene: Where does funny come from?

(87) Maddox and Ideene: Where does funny come from?

April 29, 2019

Satirist and bestselling writer Maddox and very funny comedian Ideene join us on the Unleash Your Peace podcast today to discuss where inspiration comes from, how you can trigger creativity, and what it takes to be funny. 

This is by far the funniest episode we have a recorded to date. But be warned, it is not as clean as the rest of our shows. 







(86) Mhairi Morrison: Finding Your Voice After Surviving “Me Too”

(86) Mhairi Morrison: Finding Your Voice After Surviving “Me Too”

April 15, 2019

Mhairi Morrison is more than a "Me Too" survivor. For starters, she's a trained mime.

What sets Mhairi truly apart, however, is the powerful way in which she has turned her story of sexual assault into a healing and empowering experience not only for herself but for all survivors. In this episode of the Unleash Your Peace podcast, Mhairi shares with us her journey of pain, redemption, and healing as she turned the most traumatic experience of her life into an inspiring and empowering movement. 

Learn more about Mhairi at http://mhairimorrison.com.

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(85) Jamie Wozny: Conscious Decoupling + RE-coupling

(85) Jamie Wozny: Conscious Decoupling + RE-coupling

April 7, 2019

Breakups happen and relationships are NOT easy, but even in the midst of all that chaos, it IS possible to find and hold on to internal peace.

In this week's episode, Healer and Reiki Master Jamie Wozny shares her experience of coupling and de-coupling consciously. 

Find Jamie at jamiewozny.com or on Instagram @jamiewozny. 

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(84) Norah Dineen: Inspired Filmmaking

(84) Norah Dineen: Inspired Filmmaking

March 31, 2019

On this podcast, we often talk about living from a place of inspiration. Norah Dineen has taken this concept and applied it to one of the most arduous, fast-paced, stressful, and high-risk industries: filmmaking.

There is nothing quite like the way Norah Dineen approaches filmmaking. From the unconventional, heart-centered way she develops her scripts to the intuitive way she casts and the collaborative way she directs, the Dineen's creation process might be completely contrary to everything you'd learn in film school, but it is in complete alignment with the way our Inner Being creates. 

Find Norah Dineen on Instagram: 
@norahdineenartist and @groundlessfilms

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(83) Breaking Self-destructive Habits Such As Anger And Addiction

(83) Breaking Self-destructive Habits Such As Anger And Addiction

March 19, 2019

It's difficult for us to break self-destructive thought and behavior patterns. Often, we feel we don't have any control over these addictions to harming ourselves or others. The truth is, even though it doesn't feel like it at times, we can regain control over our thoughts at any moment. 

In this week's episode, I share one simple yet powerful thought exercise that can snap you out of those fits in just a moment. We also dive into an explanation of the guilt-attack cycle that is often at the root of these hurtful patterns. 

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