Unleash Your Peace

(52) Blind Spots Ep1 - Is your faulty programming sabotaging your relationships?

October 1, 2018

On our 11th week together, we explore yet another fascinating and important topic, that of Blind Spots. Often, the faulty programming we internalize becomes so much part of who we are that we bury it deep inside our subconscious where we are no longer willing or able to look at it. Then we build elaborate structures of faulty ideas, thoughts, habits, rules, and relationships atop these faulty beliefs and spend our entire lives trying to treat the symptoms.

But if we find the belief that is buried in our blind spot and release that, the entire structure of disfunction we’ve built atop it also topples over, and we level up in that same instance that we have our Aha! moment. This week, we explore all such moments.