Unleash Your Peace

(12) Duality + Contrast Ep1 - Is life a big test you need to pass?

August 6, 2018

This week on Unleash Your Peace, we dive into the world of contrast and duality. We discuss what these are and why they are necessary for our existence and our ability to create and expand. We answer questions like:  - What is life?  - What are duality and contrast and why do we experience them? - Why does it feel like we're always being tested? - Are we being tested? And if so, how can we pass this test? - Why does it feel like we have to suffer before we can succeed? - Do we have to suffer? How can we avoid suffering? Tune in Monday through Friday this week as we dive deep into this topic in an effort to correct a major misunderstanding about the nature of duality and contrast, which is at the root of much of our self-imposed suffering.