Unleash Your Peace

(37) Religion vs. Spirituality Ep1 - What’s the difference?

September 10, 2018

On our 8th week together, we dive into a slightly controversial and often uncomfortable topic of Religion vs. Spirituality.

Religion is considered one of the three taboo topics to bring up at a dinner party, the other two being politics and how to raise your children. Why? Because people often have very strong beliefs around these three topics, which they become extremely protective of. This is evidenced by the fact that we often tie our identities to our religious or spiritual practices. "I'm a Christian/Muslim/Jew/Buddhist/Atheist" is usually one of the first handful of things we share about ourselves with those who are meeting us for the first time. 

Now, it might get uncomfortable this week as we dive into this very sensitive topic. And as we do, I have a request: if you do feel triggered or defensive, don't shut down. This is actually a GOOD THING! The tension you feel is contrast which always leads to expansion. So, embrace it. Use it to dive deeper into your personal relationship with the divine within you. I guarantee you that, if you do this, you will come out the other side feeling MORE at peace and MORE connected to your personal spiritual or religious practice.